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Christmas is scarily close now... our 50% off Click Frenzy sale is a great time to knock a few presents off your list early!

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Mid Year Sale - 50% off EVERYTHING!

We've never done this before! We have 50% off every.single.item. Our Thierry Mugler wallets are all now less than $50 which is just unheard of.

Thierry Mugler Wallet


We have 50% off Olga Berg. 50% off Christian Lacroix. 50% off Sassy Duck. 50% off Diana Ferrari. 50% off Spencer & Rutherford.... and you catch my drift.

How about a statement Olga Berg clutch - now $49.45!



Winter is Coming.... (not the Game of Thrones type though...)

It was tough getting through a five day week this week! And it's suddenly got A LOT colder, when did that happen? Time to put aside my bright, summer cross body bag and look to a larger day bag or tote. Out with the suncream, in with the gloves, scarf, cardigan and thermos. I would have though five years in London would harden me to a little cool weather but no.... 


Not ready to completely pass on Summer just yet, so I am transitioning with a blue, suede look Diana Ferrari day bag. 


Olga Berg Wedding Clutches

Being an almost-bride myself I was so excited when our new Olga Berg shipment arrived this week. It took me about a day to choose my dress but I seem to be a hell of a lot fussier about my clutch for the day! I love every single clutch in our range so I'm truly stumped about which one to choose. I have narrowed it down (a little) to these few:




Maybe one for the ceremony, reception and then the honeymoon?!

Morgan De Toi - Australian Exclusive!

The famous French atelier, Morgan De Toi, have a fabulous range of handbags this season... and they're only available in one place in Australia - Jenn Louise! If you want a handbag that you won't find on anyone else's arm in Australia (well, we're pretty sure you won't) then Morgan is the brand to choose. This season the range is bright, usually single coloured, with classic shapes and sizes. I particularly love the small, bright clutches. They're a bargain price and easily fit your phone, cash and keys, while retaining the elegance you associate with clutches.


Lacroix Sweetie...

Our Summer range of Christian Lacroix handbags landed this week. These handbags are what I'd truly call classic investment pieces. Personally I think ALL handbags are great investments (fashion goes in cycles so everything comes back on trend eventually!) but our new range is truly exquisite. The leather totes fit everything you need - perfect for every...single...woman. 


We Love Christmas...

I love Christmas. Well, I love Christmas Day, the lead-up not so much. Luckily I planned ahead this year (amazing!) and did 90% of my shopping online in early December. Everything arrived in time so I'm super pleased with myself. Contrary to popular opinion I have not given everyone a handbag for Christmas, although that would have been much easier.... (Not sure how my two brothers would have liked that idea). 

We're just about to wind down for the day here but not before putting our Christmas sale up a little early! We have 30% off ALL Spencer & Rutherford, Tony Bianco, Diana Ferrari, Sassy Duck, Olga Berg, Kelly Lippman, Sashenka by Olga Berg, Christian Lacroix.... and so many more.

Have a lovely Christmas everyone. We at Jenn Louise hope you all have a relaxing, safe and quiet Christmas. Tonight being Christmas Eve I will probably ask my partner nicely (read: bribe) to watch Love Actually for the fifth time this week. Love Actually and a nice glass of wine - my ideal night.

Merry Christmas!

Jenn xxxx


P.S. I'm expecting a lot of this at the family dinner table tomorrow...


Sunflower Salsa!

Love this new Birgitte Bucket Bag by Spencer & Rutherford, the colour is called 'Sunflower Salsa' which pretty much made my day when I read it. What a great name for a pattern! This bag really does feel like the Australian summer, which I love. 

I lived in London for many years before moving back to Australia and so that might be why I still get so excited about summer. We never really had a proper, long summer... not like our summers anyway! I do miss the old white Christmas though but then again, waking up to the sunshine on Christmas day never gets old either!


It's the little things...

Last Sunday afternoon I was unpacking our new Spencer & Rutherford and prepping the stock to photos. Usually I don't mind working at all on weekends because I love running Jenn Louise. But when it's hot... and you're tired... and there's a lot to unpack... it can be difficult to perk up.

I was unpacking one of the backpacks called Agyness, in a colour called Honeysuckle (which, by the way, may be the cutest name for a colour ever!) and I noticed that the nail polish I had just bought matched the backpack perfectly. I'm not sure why but this absolutely made my day and perked me up for the rest of the afternoon.

My partner wasn't as excited as me (he was probably worried that Agyness would be yet another addition to my handbag collection) but I still love that a little thing like that can make my day. Ready for a new week now!


Hand Painted Art (on a Handbag)!

Our new Modapelle summer range arrive this week, so exciting! The colours are astonishing and each hand bag is literally a work of art. Modapelle have introduced quite a few new designs this season, with some amazing patterns and colours for summer. I particularly like the cross body bag and backpacks which are great for festivals and days out. Wouldn't mind heading out with one right now!