Last Sunday afternoon I was unpacking our new Spencer & Rutherford and prepping the stock to photos. Usually I don't mind working at all on weekends because I love running Jenn Louise. But when it's hot... and you're tired... and there's a lot to unpack... it can be difficult to perk up.

I was unpacking one of the backpacks called Agyness, in a colour called Honeysuckle (which, by the way, may be the cutest name for a colour ever!) and I noticed that the nail polish I had just bought matched the backpack perfectly. I'm not sure why but this absolutely made my day and perked me up for the rest of the afternoon.

My partner wasn't as excited as me (he was probably worried that Agyness would be yet another addition to my handbag collection) but I still love that a little thing like that can make my day. Ready for a new week now!


November 25, 2013

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