I love Christmas. Well, I love Christmas Day, the lead-up not so much. Luckily I planned ahead this year (amazing!) and did 90% of my shopping online in early December. Everything arrived in time so I'm super pleased with myself. Contrary to popular opinion I have not given everyone a handbag for Christmas, although that would have been much easier.... (Not sure how my two brothers would have liked that idea). 

We're just about to wind down for the day here but not before putting our Christmas sale up a little early! We have 30% off ALL Spencer & Rutherford, Tony Bianco, Diana Ferrari, Sassy Duck, Olga Berg, Kelly Lippman, Sashenka by Olga Berg, Christian Lacroix.... and so many more.

Have a lovely Christmas everyone. We at Jenn Louise hope you all have a relaxing, safe and quiet Christmas. Tonight being Christmas Eve I will probably ask my partner nicely (read: bribe) to watch Love Actually for the fifth time this week. Love Actually and a nice glass of wine - my ideal night.

Merry Christmas!

Jenn xxxx


P.S. I'm expecting a lot of this at the family dinner table tomorrow...


December 24, 2013

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