Spencer & Rutherford have again captured the essence of the season perfectly with their beautiful Rita day bag. Rita is ideal for work and for every day, you can fit anything you'd need in here!

The zip across the top goes right down the edges of the bag, so you can get into it easily. An even better feature is the beautiful extra pocket on the front, with brushed gold-look clasp, for anything you need to reach regularly. The handles are a good length too, long enough to keep over your shoulder or carry on your elbow if you want to make the bag a feature of your outfit.



The bottom is structured with small metal studs (feet!) so your precious bag never has to actually touch the floor. As someone who can't stand to put her bag or fear of oil/dirt/food I really rate this feature highly.



Spencer & Rutherford have darkened the colours anf fabrics for Winter, the bag looks very different to their summer range of pink/cream and black/cream. Rita also encapsulates three Winter 2013 trends in one bag - metallics, cut out dotting and embroidery - this is definitely not your average go-to bag!



I also love that on the outside you have the dark, brooding Winter colours and textures and when you open the bag there is still the gorgeous floral lining, synonymous with Spencer & Rutherford.


March 05, 2013

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