I absolutely love handbags. That's probably not surprising but I really do. I love finding brilliant little facts about them in the course of my daily internet and magazine rummaging. I love handbag.com for all the little tidbits they have, as well as their constant updates on handbag fashions and trends. Here are some of their facts I found today:

The first luxury leather handbags, as we know them today, were created in 1841 by London's H. J. Cave. After a request by industrialist and confectionary kingpin Samuel Parkinson, Cave created travel bags for the entire Parkinson family, designing a sturdy yet small bag for Samuel's wife cut from tough leather. They're now on display in the handbag museum (yes, we know, amazing) in Amsterdam.

The most expensive to be entered into the Guinness Book of World Records is House of Mouawad's '1001 Nights Diamond Purse', priced at $34.5 million.

Handbags came long before pockets. Coin purses that you could attached to your girdle were invented long before anyone thought to put pockets on trousers and skirts.

Clutch bags were originally called 'pochettes', and didn't appear until the early 1900s.

I especially love the last fact as Christian Lacroix still call their clutches 'pochettes' to this day. Personally I would love the term to come back into everyday language.

I am also now going to plan a trip to the Bags and Purses Museum in Amsterdam. Yes, it's a long way from Australia and yes, my family probably wouldn't be as excited as me but still... I feel I must go in the name of research! 


July 31, 2013

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