Christmas is almost here, which means Christmas parties! So far I haven’t come across a bag in our Party! collection that wouldn’t be perfect for a Christmas party this year.

Luckily in Australia our Christmas parties are in the summer, no need for heavy coats or cardigans. We can wear fabulous, bright colours all night – which means fabulous, bright bags to match! Olga Berg and Sassy Duck have captured the essence of the summer party season, with gorgeous bright pink, blue and yellow bags like these for any day or night out:


I love them all! 

Christmas also means gifts – for others (and maybe one or two for me?!). Check our Stocking Fillers collection, which has some gorgeous gift ideas. I especially would be happy with anything by Spencer and Rutherford, love those coin purses (hint hint family and friends)!


Jenn x

November 28, 2012

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